Monday, December 15, 2008

An Awesome Test Shoot

The other day the agency sent me to a test shoot. I was expecting something really lame and completely un-book worthy that would have just been a huge waste of my time, but I was pleasantly surprised for a change :)

It was a huge production shoot; there were 13 people total on set between photographer/assistants/hair/make-up/wardrobe people and what have you. I think the pictures are going to be awesome. I'll post them when I get them.

I was handed this packet when I first got there so I could see what they were going for. The above shots were posing references.

These shots were references for the lighting; how they planned to manipulate the colors and tones. I loveeee it.

So when they first put this wig on me I was like oh my god..this is going to be ridiculous.

I'm a rocker.

But then I got dressed and into hair/makeup/wardrobe and I was feeling it. I think it could be cool haha.

The set for the first series. It was so dark in there because they had different color light bulbs and colored wraps in front of the lights to get the crazy color effect they wanted.

These were just some random shots. I took a pic of the screen just to show the color effects which were bad ass.

And they fed me lunch, which is always an easy and reliable way to capture my heart <3.

These are the fresh flowers they put in my hair for the second set.

There they are pinning them all to my bun. My head was so heavy!

The flowers were soo beautiful. I smelled good ;)

They're testing the lighting before I jumped in there.

Some other random shots on the screen; I took this pic to show how cool the lighting was.

I thought I looked like the lady with all the fruit in the basket on her head, only with flowers. And those eye lashes were ridiculous...and so annoying.

Before I left the studio I washed all the make-up off so I didn't have to travel home looking like a freak like I usually do. Back to normal me...much better :)



Barbara said...

These pictures are going to rock! You look ammazzzing!!

mikehernandez2005 said...

Nice to see some pictures of you at work, honey! Love and miss you tons.