Monday, December 8, 2008

Manicure Number Two

As I was walking along in Causeway Bay, a lady shoved a flier in my face (as is the usual despite the fact that I obviously can't speak Cantonese) for a nail salon called "Natural Nail". My nails were looking as terrible as ever, so I decided to go.

With a name like "Natural Nail", wouldn't any normal and logical person assume that they specialized in dealing with NATURAL NAILS, and not all this crazy stuff they love over here like the 5 inch long fake acrylic nails with jewels, decals, sparkles and airbrush designs? Why can't it ever be easy???

I walked in and was excited because the place was clean and nice; I asked the ladies at the front desk for a "regular manicure" and they had no idea what I meant. Red flag number one. Someone who worked there finally came over who spoke English and explained to them what I wanted.

Vicky was my manicurist and she had no idea what she was doing. I had to tell her that I wanted my nails filed and that she could cut them if necessary, and that I wanted two coats of polish. She was cute, but seriously...should I have to explain to a manicurist what a regular MANICURE is? She kept asking me if I wanted jewels and sparkles like she had; no thanks Vicky, I really just want you to cut, file, and polish but apparently that is too much to ask. The stupid manicure probably took an hour and a half when it should have taken 30 minutes at most. I hate to say it but even "Suki Nail", my first place, was better than this.

Sigh. And the search for a decent manicure in Asia continues.


Deborah said...

WTF! Wasn't the Manicure invented over there???

Sam said...


Barbara said...

I'm not suprised! all the Asian manicurists come from Vietnam! Wonder if they're into sparkles over there??

Alexandra said...

Between your American twang and the fact you where probably using too many words, you probably confused the hell out of her lol
Just say Manicure, but drop your accent more like maanacur lol Our accents are what throws most people in Asia. also unless they had an english teacher who was teaching them english for beauty work, i dont think they know all the correct terms. when i go for facials, they are always asking me what the english words are for things line cleanse, sponge etc. should be able to trade services surely lol english lesson for free facial lol
Just go with the flow and have fun.Rembember your in their country, not yours.. lol

Sam said...

You are probably right Alex! To be fair, they were all super sweet, just the language barrier is so challenging sometimes! And I know I am in their country...I just got a kick out of the fact that the place was called "Natural Nail", yet they didn't know what to do with natural nails!