Monday, December 15, 2008

Fresh Fruit Shake

Across the street from my apartment there is a little fruit stand, and they sell fresh fruit juice shakes. You pick your fruits and veggies and they juice them right in front of you. Erika always got them, so I finally tried it and loved it.

They barely speak English, so communicating the fruits I want is always pretty challenging. One day I asked for a plain orange juice, but the guy didn't understand and messed up and somehow I ended up with orange, pear, and carrot...and it was amazing! So now I get one every day for 8 HK dollars, so about 1 US dollar (so cheap!).

I've never been so good about eating my fruits and veggies..I need to find somewhere to get this when I get home or I will experience withdrawal (mom we need a good juicer... ;)).

I am currently enjoying my orange/pear/carrot juice right now.


Barbara said...

We need a good juicer, eh? What about that amazing juicer that also makes soup??

Sam said...

yes mom that's the one i want!!! but i can't remember what it's called..the one from cosco!

mikehernandez2005 said...

Vitamix ;o)

Brandis said...

Juicer huh? Did I just get an amazing idea for a birthday present, or what?! haha :)